FiniAC provides many different services.
If you're interested in a custom solution, please contact us.

Cheat prevention

We offer top quality anti-cheat measures for FiveM that enable us to protect against malicious threats against your server. FiniAC’s solutions and wide ray of custom, configurable detections allow us to be totally unique compared to other off-the-shelf products in the anti-cheat market. We have driven our anti-cheat solutions to specifically target and prevent cheat providers and software, and we are constantly improving our detections to mitigate newer threats. If you need server security then FiniAC is the anti-cheat provider for you.

We do not provide an exact list of detections, as that list is constantly changing and it would only aid cheaters. The entire anti-cheat is designed to be modular in nature, in practise this means adding new features and detection methods is easy, we push updates weekly.

Cloud based

FiniAC is fully cloud based. This means all configuration, threat management and player identity management is done on our web panel. All changes are transmitted live to your server, making configuration changes fast and easy.
Our web panel is user friendly to new server owners, but also provides advanced features to power-users, such as our fully customisable trigger system.

The infrastructure powering FiniAC is modern and scalable. We utilise serverless platforms and containerised applications to provide nearly unlimited scalability and effective cost management. With this we're able to scale down during low-activity times and up during peak times. This allows us to rapidly respond to any potential attack against our infrastructure.
FiniAC is the only FiveM AC vendor providing up to 99.99% uptime SLA.


We are your partners in server security. This means we work with you to get your server secure, we’re not just some buy-and-forget copy-paste anti-cheat. When it comes to the integrity of your community and server, choosing the right anti-cheat system should be top of mind. Whereas there are plenty of options out there, there is only one that truly caters to the individual community, please see one such review below.

If your server is experiencing a cheater problem, just contact our support, we will help you out. We provide one-on-one step-by-step guidance through the setup and configuration. In addition we can give tips on how to better secure your framework, install event protection and protect your scripts against theft. Our goal is to provide more than just an anti-cheat.

Enterprise solutions

Do you want FiniAC tailored specifically for your server? Then the enterprise package is for you. With our enterprise solutions we will work with you to custom tailor the anti-cheat to fit your needs. This may include FiniAC branding removal, custom in-game events or APIs, or anything else you may need. You name it and we can make it happen! All of the required additional development will be billed hourly.

The enterprise package is aimed at large communities who are interested in deep integration with their anti-cheat provider. We aim to accommodate that, providing webhooks, events and APIs to create complex, yet reliable integrations. For more information and to discuss your specific needs, please contact us via Discord.


We have been using FiniAC for the past couple months on our server, we have a peak time of 200 players plus a queue for years now, and have faced thousands of cheaters over this time period.
We have used many other anti-cheats in the past, and we are satisfied with the results of FiniAC to be more than capable of protecting our server against any threats that will disrupt other players' gameplay.

- Repentz, Nodus

The panel is next to amazing and extremely unique. This is by far the best set up for a config I have ever come across. The log panel auto updates to your server in an instant with a confirmation on your server console to say the config was updated.
Very easy to read and for new servers/developers with good documentation on what all the different AC parts do.
Anyone who purchases this will not regret it once you understand how it works and how it can benefit your server. Have already done a bunch of updates in the past few months along side asking what people would like to see.

- Richard, United Gaming

After switching from FiveGuard to FiniAC for our FiveM server about a month ago, we've noticed a world of difference, More cheaters than ever were getting banned and our console stopped getting spammed.

Actual cheaters are getting banned faster than ever and the performance has been great throughout the whole period we've been running it, Support has always been super helpful whenever we had issues and helped us massively in setting it up and tuning it specifically to our needs.

- Vaeriah, Notorious Roleplay

Was struggling with cheaters who always manage find something new to take an advance of the system & make the game unfair. After looking for solution for ages I think we have made the best decision & investment on FiniAC. They are always update to date & very responsive. They know what they are doing. If you wanna sleep in peace, you have to have it. I like the most thing about FiniAC is they never gave any False ban, False ban is kinda impossible.

Highly recommended FiniAC for being the best Anticheat on FiveM marketplace.

- Halka Gorib