Modern cheat

FiniAC is your partner in FiveM server security.
Now offering full protection against Eulen, and more!


FiniAC is the next generation of FiveM anti-cheats.
We've been in the cheat prevention business
for half a decade now, and with our experience we believe we're able to provide a service
unmatched in quality,


We are your partners in server security. This means we work with you to get your server secure, we’re not just some buy-and-forget copy-paste anti-cheat. We don't provide a product,
we provide a service,


FiniAC is fully cloud based. This means all configuration, threat management and player identity management is done on our web panel. All changes are transmitted live to your server, making configuration changes fast and easy, read more...

Pricing and packages


Starting at
Experience what a modern anti-cheat should feel like
  • Live web panel
  • Advanced Event Protection
  • Unlimited webhooks & triggers
  • Recursive ban system
  • Cross server player database
  • All generic anti-cheat features


Starting at
Become our partner in securing
your game server
  • All features from other packages
  • Priority customer support
  • Custom server specific features
  • Beta access to new features
  • All anti-cheat features & detections
  • 99.99% uptime SLA


What cheats do you detect?
FiniAC uses a bunch of different detection techniques. Cheats may be detected based on the user's actions, for example spawning in blacklisted weapons or props. These detections can be fully customised to fit your server through our web config panel.
Our Plus and Ultimate packages come with built in detection for executors such as Eulen and RedEngine. These detections actively identify any malicious activity.
What is the difference between the packages?
The difference between our anti-cheat packages is primarily in their level of protection and customization. We offer three different packages that cater to different server owners' needs. Our Core package includes a set of preconfigured settings that are optimal for smaller servers, while our Plus package offers our advanced protection system that detects Eulen and RedEngine. Our Ultimate package offers the highest level of protection and customization, tailored to large scale server operations and includes even further detections such as, Gosth Client & more!
What is the performance like?
The performance of FiniAC is top-notch. We have designed it to ensure that it does not affect the gameplay experience of legitimate players while actively detecting and preventing any cheats or hacks. FiniAC works in the background and is highly effective in identifying any malicious activity by players. Additionally, we regularly update and improve our anti-cheat to ensure that it stays ahead of any new cheats or hacks that may become available.
In absolute terms, on the server, FiniAC averages about 0.5 ms at 100 players and 0.1 ms on the client.
What support do you offer?
We offer comprehensive support, including regular updates, bug fixes, and technical support. Our team provides support with installation and configuration of the anti-cheat on Discord. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible experience and whilst ensuring that our anti-cheat remains effective at preventing cheating. We also offer detailed documentation and guides to assist our users in configuring and using FiniAC. Our customer support team is available on Discord to assist with any questions or concerns that may arise.

FiniAC in numbers



FiniAC handles over 150,000 player connections every day. Every time a player connects their identifiers are checked.



FiniAC has scanned over 1,200,000 players over the last year and that number only keeps growing.



FiniAC has banned over 60,000 accounts detected for cheating. All of our bans are confirmed and verified.